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10 tips how to stay in shape while traveling

It doesn't matter whether you are one of the people who are thinking right now: "Sport on the road, who needs it?" or whether you are at the other extreme and perhaps even waived a trip once because you were afraid of losing your hard-earned form again. In both cases I can promise you: doing sports on the road is not only possible, it is not difficult at all and it it is fun - usually even more so than at home. Here are my 10 tips on how to get back home fitter than you started.

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13 reasons to start a plant based diet

It's a phenomenon: No matter where I travel, the majority of people I meet on the road are now vegans or at least vegetarians. Eco-tourism, green living, improving the world - these are the trends among globetrotters. However, you can actually tell that most of them are more interested in [...]

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Living abroad - How to spend your time at uni traveling

Wanderlust. The feeling of simply having to get away. Away from everything old, gain new experiences, meet new people. A feeling that probably overwhelms everyone from time to time. But who has the time or the money to travel several times a year to more and more exotic places all over the world? Isn't it possible to somehow combine vacation and everyday life?

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World trip with hand luggage

Who doesn't know it: After you lost your temper for the first time already at the airport when checking in, because your backpack or suitcase was once again much too heavy, you had to repack, were finally sitting in the plane to Mexico with three sweaters on top of each other and still had to pay extra, because it wasn't enough. You arrive at your destination completely sweaty and exhausted from carrying, and the first day is already ruined.