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10 tips how to stay in shape while traveling

It doesn't matter whether you are one of the people who are thinking right now: "Sport on the road, who needs it?" or whether you are at the other extreme and perhaps even waived a trip once because you were afraid of losing your hard-earned form again. In both cases I can promise you: doing sports on the road is not only possible, it is not difficult at all and it it is fun - usually even more so than at home. Here are my 10 tips on how to get back home fitter than you started.

Travel, Travel tips

Living abroad - How to spend your time at uni traveling

Wanderlust. The feeling of simply having to get away. Away from everything old, gain new experiences, meet new people. A feeling that probably overwhelms everyone from time to time. But who has the time or the money to travel several times a year to more and more exotic places all over the world? Isn't it possible to somehow combine vacation and everyday life?