Brazil, Travel

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

My first trip to South America was to Brazil. More precisely to the Samba metropolis at the Sugar Loaf Mountain: Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is, as some people think, the most beautiful city in the world. And Rio definitely has a lot of beauty to offer. Starting with the many beautiful people, who [...]

Belize, Travel

Belize Travel Guide

What makes traveling in Central America so special, is that that you can easily go from one country to another and a two hour bus ride often results in a complete culture change. Like the one between Mexico and Belize.

Honduras, Travel

Honduras: The Mayan ruins of Copán

Are you wondering how to come up with the idea of spending your holiday in Honduras? Probably by spending an exchange semester in Mexico and looking for an easter holiday destination. So we started in Mexico and travelled all the way through Guatemala by bus to Copán. A city in Honduras famous for its Mayan site.

Cuba, Travel

Cuba travel tips: Paradise beaches and Socialism

The mix of Caribbean beaches, colonial legacies and the romanticized story of a successful revolution made it very tempting for me to visit Cuba. Why everything is so different there and still everyone falls in love with the island at the end? Read that and my travel tips for Cuba here.