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Vast steppes, magical sunsets and the most impressive animals - you can't help falling in love with the African continent. Even or especially because it is so different from all the others. In Africa you will also find the Arabic countries in the North, that live a complete different but not less stunning culture.

Ghana and Morocco are the two countries that I have visited so far and that couldn't have been more different. Are you planning your own Africa adventure? Get some travel inspiration here!

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Morocco Route & Travel Tips

One car, two children, 2000 kilometres - that was our three-week road trip through Morocco. Actually, it was only an emergency solution, because my sister, six months pregnant, didn't want to fly to Vietnam anymore, as originally planned. Morocco was my first trip to an Arab country and I was more than positively surprised, both by the people and the spectacular landscape. Are you looking for tips for your trip to Morocco? Then read on.

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Ghana 2 weeks itinerary + travel tips

I lived in Ghana for two months to teach English in an elementary school before I started travelling the country. Like that I got to know the people and their culture, which made the trip afterwards so much easier. Here you'll find my two weeks Ghana itinerary and all my travel tips.

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10 reasons to visit Ghana

Ghana is considered one of the safest countries in Africa. This is probably why it is also a popular destination for volunteer work and working holidays. I first taught English here for a few weeks before travelling across the country. This allowed me to get to know the country and learn more about the people and culture [...]