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Are you planning a trip to France? Here you will find my travel stories:

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3 reasons why Lyon is better than Paris

Paris or Lyon? The capital city does not always have to be the first choice for a city trip to another country. Most of the time, we only visit the biggest, well-known cities at first, only to find out afterwards that there is actually nothing new to discover there. Maybe you should give preference to a smaller city next time. In France, for example, Lyon is particularly worthwhile. I have found three reasons why I like Lyon better than its big sister Paris.

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The 11 most beautiful city trips in winter

Snow-covered roofs, Christmas markets and the smell of gingerbread in the streets. European cities are especially beautiful in winter! So why not take a city trip at Christmas time. Every city looks twice as beautiful in winter. I show you the best cities for your city trip in winter - including travel tips and all important information.

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Côte d'Azur: Travel tips for smart spenders

Did you ever take a road trip along the Côte d'Azur? After two weeks at the south coast of France I had to realize that there is much more to discover here than expensive restaurants and boutiques for too many tourists. Even with a small budget you can get your money's worth on the blue coast. I will show you how!