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Mexico Events: When to go where

Are you in Mexico right now, wondering where and when the most important events will take place? Or are you still planning your trip, thinking when is the best time to go? In this Mexico calendar I will tell you what is going on in the country each month of the year.

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Tips for a weekend in Mexico City

Mexico's capital does not have a particularly good reputation: a high crime rate, smog and overcrowding. Already from the plane you can not recognize the beginning and end of the city. Just houses as far as you can see. If you are in Mexico City for the first time, you will be surprised how many beautiful corners there are in this city. No matter if you use Mexico City just for a stopover, visit during a weekend trip or spend your whole vacation here. I will show you how to best plan your time and what you should not miss on any account.

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Mexico Yucatán: The most beautiful places on the peninsula

The Yucatán peninsula is the first port of call in Mexico for most Europeans. Flights to Cancún are sometimes available for as little as 300 Euros and the standards and general safety in Yucatán are much higher than in the rest of the country. Yucatán is actually a small country itself, where you can easily fill a holiday of several weeks. I will show you which places on the peninsula you must have visited.

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The best Mayan ruins in Mexico

there is one thing that you shouldn't miss during your Mexico vacation: experiencing the Mayan culture. Innumerable pyramids, partly whole, still well preserved Mayan cities can be found spread over the Yucatán peninsula. Which Mayan temples are really worthwhile, which you can even climb and how to get there best, I show you here.

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Mexico Cenotes: Which ones are really worthwile?

The visit of a cenote has become an absolute must-do on every trip to Mexico in the last few years, thanks to Instagram. Especially in Yucatán and its surroundings, the most popular tourist region of the country, there are thousands of these hidden underwater oases. Unfortunately, most of them are completely built for tourists and look more like a swimming pool than a natural underground pool. I will show you which cenotes are really worth a visit, because they are either unknown or absolutely unique, in the best case both.

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Mexico volcano: Climbing Malinche and Nevado de Toluca

In addition to its image as a travel destination for beach holidays and jungle tours, Mexico is best known for its many mountains and volcanoes. Since the probably most famous volcano in Mexico, the Popocatépetl, is no longer open for climbing due to its eruptions, I show you two alternatives for a climbing day in Mexico.