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I spent two months volunteering in an elementary school in Ghana before I started travelling the country. It was a head jump into the African culture and way of life! Here you'll find my experiences and hopefully useful tips for your journey to a less touristic country - my two weeks travel route included!

You wonder if Ghana is the right country for you? Maybe my 10 reasons to visit Ghana can convince you!

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Ghana 2 weeks itinerary + travel tips

I lived in Ghana for two months to teach English in an elementary school before I started travelling the country. Like that I got to know the people and their culture, which made the trip afterwards so much easier. Here you'll find my two weeks Ghana itinerary and all my travel tips.

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10 reasons to visit Ghana

Ghana is considered one of the safest countries in Africa. This is probably why it is also a popular destination for volunteer work and working holidays. I first taught English here for a few weeks before travelling across the country. This allowed me to get to know the country and learn more about the people and culture [...]