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World trip with hand luggage

Who doesn't know it: After you lost your temper for the first time already at the airport when checking in, because your backpack or suitcase was once again much too heavy, you had to repack, were finally sitting in the plane to Mexico with three sweaters on top of each other and still had to pay extra, because it wasn't enough. You arrive at your destination completely sweaty and exhausted from carrying, and the first day is already ruined.

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Morocco Route & Travel Tips

One car, two children, 2000 kilometres - that was our three-week road trip through Morocco. Actually, it was only an emergency solution, because my sister, six months pregnant, didn't want to fly to Vietnam anymore, as originally planned. Morocco was my first trip to an Arab country and I was more than positively surprised, both by the people and the spectacular landscape. Are you looking for tips for your trip to Morocco? Then read on.

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Travel checklist: 8 tips for planning any trip

Actually, it doesn't really matter whether you are preparing a trip around the world, a two-month backpacking trip or a two-week holiday - it doesn't change your travel plans much. Even frequent travelers can sometimes get bogged down in all the things that need to be considered. I myself am one of those people who would rather[...]

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My camera equipment on travels

In the last year, I've been planning to finally bring order to my chaos of more or less useful gadgets and my camera equipment in general. Only a bigger camera I wanted to keep in order to be able to travel with hand luggage as much as possible. I researched endlessly and read countless test reports before I bought a [...]