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3 reasons why Lyon is better than Paris

Paris or Lyon? The capital city does not always have to be the first choice for a city trip to another country. Most of the time, we only visit the biggest, well-known cities at first, only to find out afterwards that there is actually nothing new to discover there. Maybe you should give preference to a smaller city next time. In France, for example, Lyon is particularly worthwhile. I have found three reasons why I like Lyon better than its big sister Paris.

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El Clásico – Madrid vs. Barcelona

Beach or culture, tradition or modern Spain: at first glance, the two Spanish metropolises Madrid and Barcelona do not seem to have much in common. Except that they both offer plenty of activities for a trip. You can find out where you are best off by comparing Madrid vs. Barcelona.

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London Sightseeing: 10 saving tips for your trip

Between London and me, it was love at first sight. To me, the city is more beautiful than Paris, Rome and Barcelona put together. It only has two decisive disadvantages: I have only got to know it in bad weather and London is damn expensive. I can't change anything about the weather - but I can tell you how you can spend a few days in London (almost) for free and what you absolutely must have seen. Here are my London sightseeing tips for a small budget.

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The 11 most beautiful city trips in winter

Snow-covered roofs, Christmas markets and the smell of gingerbread in the streets. European cities are especially beautiful in winter! So why not take a city trip at Christmas time. Every city looks twice as beautiful in winter. I show you the best cities for your city trip in winter - including travel tips and all important information.