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Pyramids, paradise beaches, volcanos, rain forest, deserts and beautiful cities - Mexico has everything a traveller needs. After living for two years in different places in Mexico, I can give you a lot of information to make your trip to this amazing country an unforgettable one.

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Mexico: Los Cabos and Baja California

The Mexican southern tip of California is neither really Mexico nor really USA - and therefore, no matter from which direction you come, an interesting change. Here you can find my travel tips for two weeks around Los Cabos and the south of Baja California.

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Road Trip Mexico: Guadalajara & Jalisco

After more than a year in Mexico, the country has become an absolute favorite for me when it comes to road trips. The fuel is cheaper than in many other countries and no matter where you go, the landscape always takes your breath away. One of my favorite trips was still a two-week [...]

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Chiapas: Sights and activities in the South of Mexico

Chiapas, in the south of Mexico, has little in common with the Caribbean beaches in the east of the country, with the supermetropolis Mexico City or with the American looking cities in the north. The state is one of the poorest in the country. A large part of the indigenous population lives here. On the other hand it offers breathtaking landscapes and probably the most untouched nature in Mexico. I will show you all the sights of Chiapas and the perfect route through Mexico's beautiful south.

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Copper Canyon: Railway adventures in the north of Mexico

Finally, cross the north of Mexico and travel with the Chepe Train through Copper Canyon. Five days of wild west. We wanted to treat ourselves to that just before the second semester was about to start in Mexico. From Los Mochis, up to Chihuahua or the other way around, the old railway goes right through the middle of [...]